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C'era, ovviamente, anche il pane: Il Primo Pane!


Cena in giardino - Dinner in my garden


That's my salad, what Walter is eating... just picked a couple of metres away... I'm very proud of my messy and round-the-year-productive garden.









Vittorio e il mulino sulla Una (the Una water mill in Bihać)


Great! Now I can upload pics, so here is one for Vittorio, at the old mill in the city centre. In the background, by "chance", a drawing of the wtaerfalls in Martin Brod where we are going later in the afternoon.

Walter chez moi...


My messy little flat doesn't look so bad in a photo :-)

Here is Pasta Madre getting a beauty treatment after the first stage of the journey, before we head for the Bihać watermill to buy flour.

(* there is a nice photo which should go here... but after having tried to upload it for half an hour I have to give up... wbtmaster, help!)

Some pasta madre left Bihać for Banja Luka.... by bike!

While Walter and Vittorio where travelling from Bihać to Zagreb, Michael, Marjana, Tihomir and twelve others where traveling from Banja Luka to Martin Brod... where they got to eat the Italian-Bosnian bread for dinner!

The eco-bike tour made this stop especially to support our responsible tourism project, while cycling down the Una, Sana and Vrbas valleys to celebrate Earth Day with the slogan "change your habits!".

I loved it that I managed to give them this particular bread to go along with the village's fish and cheese and rakija, also because our travelling bread nakers spend a good part of their stop here to see me prepare the whole thing from house to house - backstage!

But the sweetest little detail was then, at dinner, it turned out that Tihomir... already knew about the Pasta Madre project! "Berenger told me, she's seen it on the internet" (* Berenger being a French girl working in Banja Luka, who joined the bike tour later). So we added a micro ceremony of splitting a bit of pasta madre off my portion and handing it to Tihomir, all this under Tito's portrait. There is a photo, obviously, but I have to wait for the bike group to arrive in Banja Luka to get it...

Anyway, like Bosnian rivers, the project is already branching in different directions...