[pastaMadre] a tripping performance

Europe at recession time!

fare il paneA mother, a womb rising during a journey among her children scattered on the earth. Among peoples and continents, in itself it takes parts of lands inhabited by populations, it nourishes, dies and regenerates.
An always similar gesture, a shape that becomes.
PastaMadre is a project, a NewRitual for a planet in crisis, it is a real communication action. Took place in Europe but it could, ritually, spread between continents.

The Journey into the Journey. From the heel of Italy, first handy bridge in the Mediterranean, through Europe, gathering signs of humanity, in order to pass them from country to country, from house to house!
Something which can go beyond the exchange of hospitality, Hostingredients, leading to mark a new route in the exchange of ourself.
Trace the houses with a shape, a sign, a word, a thought, a smell, a story, many stories and bring the previous experience into the next one, an image, a concrete and edible symbol.
The route of a new pilgrimage, from house to house, linking the world for a new humanism.
A path of humanity, a piece of art, of poetry, of life. It could be covered by others in any meaning, nourishing it and being nourished by stories, experiences, signs ...
It may seem like a game, and maybe it is.
A tour to Europe at the time of recession, with a pastaMadre to be fed, contaminated, enriched ..... they leave it as a gift. They make home-made bread to be shared.
This is the mother of every kind of human community, communication!
The Journey as sharing and active setting-up of an art performance.


fare il paneThe pastaMadre (the natural yeast) from Italy a ferry that, through Balkans, across Europe.
The rise begins from here. It stop in the 24/25 houses that host our bread. In every European city, the pastaMadre be nourished by local flour, so it contain the local life in the same bread. The journey is the rising, hosts are ingredients.

The action is a conceptual, a NewRitual, make the bread. Cut the bread ... on the recession time!

The network hosting the performance is a unique social network: the Couchsurfing, a virtual tool which facilitates the exchange of hospitality and the meeting of different cultures in real life!

The departure wasWednesday the 15th of April 2009, among the Itria Valley trulli. It is meant to be a good omen and propitious, as well as a fund rising event. Have an object to that be distributed with the project description, a kind of “user manual” including a catalogue. Here wold bake the first bread from pastaMadre, as the dough is made.

This first action was shared by Walter Espedito Trento (blog) and Vittorio dell'Edera (blog), artists who have already shared works, projects and failures.

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